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  • Incarnate



    Too bad this thing wasn't possessed with a good script.

  • Bad Santa 2

    Bad Santa 2


    In response to a friend asking me if it was good on Facebook:

    "No. It's not good. It wasn't an entirely mirthless experience. I had a few chuckles. But it's sexual political are rather repugnant and rephrenisble. It's a film that clearly hates women. 2 of its only 3 female characters' function doesn't extend much further than being sodomized by Billy Bob Thornton's misanthrope. It's especially disappointing that Christina Hendricks, who initially serves as a counterpoint to Thornton's nihilism, as…

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  • Grown Ups 2

    Grown Ups 2


    Everything that's wrong with cinema. Hit more false notes than a tone deaf 2nd grader with laryngitis belting Pavarotti.

  • Boyhood



    A masterpiece. As a young boy I used to really be fascinated by the photo albums my mom had created of me. Watching myself go from a newborn, to a crawling toddler, to a little boy, it really filled me with wonder, and a sense of self, and a sweetness and tenderness that carried with me as I continued to grow up. I've been a Linklater fan for a long time. He seems like the ultimate companion for a late…