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  • The Tree of Life
  • House Party
  • The Station Agent
  • Get In the Trunk 3: All Trunks Go to Heaven

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  • In Search of Darkness - Part II


  • The Last Duel


  • Vicious Fun


  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2


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  • After the Ball

    After the Ball

    Oh, Georges Méliès, you provocateur. First moving image featuring partial nudity. They didn't mention this one in Hugo.

  • Waxwork



    An overlooked '80's horror gem. Full of that era's cheesy styles, hair, excessive gore (ever seen a guy ripped down the middle like a piece of paper or a mummy step on someone's skull?) and a metric ton of monsters. Teens are duped into entering displays of wax horror figures only to enter into their worlds. The ending that everyone loved so much in The Cabin in the Woods? Well, Waxwork did it first, and better. Dozens and dozens of…