Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

“You saved my life, you made it beautiful”

The gift of hearing isn’t appreciated enough. When I think about the person I love I think about his voice and the gentleness of his words, like a blanket of comfort. I can’t imagine not having that security. 

What happens when the world keeps speaking but you’ve become abruptly disconnected, unable to hear, unable to feel safe. Lost and alone. Only with frail memories of what once was to soothe your mind. 

Sound of Metal is one of the most emotionally enthralling films of 2020, at points I found it difficult to watch. Empathy is an abundantly powerful emotion.

The sound design truly helps to take you on a visceral journey alongside Ruben. Allowing us to get as close as we can to experiencing and understanding what many others like him go through. 

We watch Ruben’s life rapidly deteriorate into a bleak depth of fear.
It lingers around every corner until Ruben is crippled with the fear as he desperately aims to run away from the harsh truth that nothing will ever be the same again. At first this realisation feels catastrophic and while we can’t deny that in a sense it very much is, Ruben later learns there is solace and community in acceptance. This also questions the societal view of deaf people, no everything can or needs to be fixed. 

Also I haven’t written a review in months because I went through a hard stage where I really didn’t feel great and it was really exhausting trying to right because my mind was elsewhere. I feel a lot better now and I know this review isn’t that great but it’s nice to be back since I find consolation in film and writing :) 

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