The Edge of Seventeen ★★★★★

i loved everything about this. it’s the perfect coming of age story, it’s so quirky and relatable and being 17 is such a confusing time and i think this film executed that perfectly. being 17 myself, i felt like i could really relate to nadine and i loved that about this film. nadine is so pretentious and just trying to find her place in the world and that’s the place i feel like i’m in my life right now, i truly couldn’t have watched this at a better time. i also really enjoyed her relationship with mr. bruner and her relationship with her mom was so complicated but very understandable. this was funny without trying too hard and had the perfect amount of angst. 
this is a film i’d like to go back to in a couple of years and be reminded what it was like when i was 17. 🌻

“I think some deranged part of me likes thinking, I’m the only one with real problems. Like that makes me special.” 

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