Tenet ★★★★½

Christopher Nolan went all out and made the most Christopher Nolan-y film and the result is a time bending, batshit crazy, globe trotting, sci fi espionage action film. And it rocks!

From the start to the end this film is relentless and might be a bit too much sometimes, but that's fine with me because it's everything that engrossed me.

The film boasts the best action sequences in Nolan's filmography yet and with a superb soundtrack from Ludwig Goransson (best Nolan score after Interstellar). The opening Opera siege is a complete adrenaline rush with the music and action and might be my favorite Nolan opening scene.

It might take me a another viewing to completely grasp every rule of Tenet, but I loved it so so much. John David Washington is a star and I really loved his chemistry with Pattinson. I could watch hours of them just talking to each other.

This isn't Nolan's best but it's a banger nonetheless

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