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  • Journey into Fear

    Journey into Fear


    Immediately obvious from the opening that Welles' signature on this is purely nominal: the approach to the opening - staging, camera movement, performances, etc. - is entirely in the style Welles set out to destroy in Kane, and it's almost embarrassing seeing the same players from the Mercury Theatre company so stiff and awkward here. On the other hand, if it dissatisfies for simply not being an Orson Welles film - which is hardly a fair measure in the first…

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger


    Caught at the crossroads of two of the decade's most popular genres, the Nazi spy film - Confessions of a Nazi Spy, for which Robinson's character in this seems like a continuation, Berlin Express, etc. - and the psychoanalysis drama, but nothing about the film suggests Welles has much concern for either, any more than Citizen Kane has to do with newspaper films. Moreover, to simply call it noir is an injustice for how banal this label makes it seem.…

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    Panahi's films are increasingly only addressed to a very specific metropolitan audience, made now with a certain self-important authority never found in the work of his mentor (who he is nonetheless so eager to emulate). It is hard to regard this turn as anything other than unfortunate, given it is this very audience which is treated with great ambivalence in what remains his single great work, Offside. Since then, his work has taken on the significance of the self-conscious activist…

  • La Cecilia

    La Cecilia


    The fiction filmmaking debut of Jean-Louis Comolli, who died today 19 May 2022, made after his legendary run as editor-in-chief at Cahiers du cinéma between 1965 and 1973. Comolli has done more to shape how I think about film than any other critic (a combination of the timing and circumstances of my first two encounters with his writing, early in my film journey, and the enduring quality of the work itself). Those who are not acquainted with his work will…