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  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    On the whole, I enjoyed my time watching KONG: SKULL ISLAND. Hiddleston, Larson & Goodman were tragically underused. Whigham and Reilly were the standouts of the film. Can we put a moratorium on allowing Samuel L. Jackson in films for a bit? It's tired.

  • Creed



    Once again with feeling.

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  • Believe Me

    Believe Me


    "Christian film" is such a combative term on both sides of the divide. There are those who hear that description and automatically presuppose the film's suckiness--and that goes for both believer and nonbeliever alike. Then there are those who hear the term and embrace it with all of the voracity they can muster and expect to have nice, tidy happy endings--this is only believers. Believe Me will disappoint both crowds.

    First, it isn't sucky, at all. Matter of fact, it…

  • Drug War

    Drug War


    After I watched this film, I told my best friend that he should watch it because he has always been a fan of the Yun-Fat Chow & John Woo films set in Hong Kong. This film, though with a bit more of a stylized edge reminded me of those old Woo films crossed with the dated technology feel of The Wire and the largely realistic-feeling gun fights of Michael Mann. If you are looking for a well made crime noir film,…