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  • Crazy Love

    Crazy Love


    My best friend and I watched this about 5 years ago. She kept screaming "GIRL DICK IS ABUNDANT, LET THIS MFER GO", at the screen, and even though I wholeheartedly agree, hoooooooooo boy was this a whole ass trip I was NOT prepared for.

  • Helicopter Eela

    Helicopter Eela


    Imagine thinking a grown ass woman acting like a qUiRkY tEeN is anything but obnoxious. How are you even supposed to watch something where the lead constantly keeps shieking.

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  • The Greasy Strangler

    The Greasy Strangler


    this is the movie version of a car accident you can't look away from

  • The Box

    The Box


    Tragedy porn with sub par sound mixing. It did remind me of the terrible animated specials I used to watch as a tot.