Body Double

Possibly De Palma’s strangest, most self-conscious sleazefest. 
The controversial auteur tears into the voyeuristic themes of Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Vertigo upping the stylized sex and violence for the excess of the 80’s, and making the peeping protagonist, Jake, more insecure and charmless. 
All delivered through his trademark style - neon lights, split diopter shots, climactic parallel editing. Melanie Griffith is great as a sassy pornstar who gets roped into Jake’s mystery. I’m unsure what to make of this movie, really. Is it meant to be a parody of Hitchcock or a parody of De Palma’s older works? Or just a satire on the exploitative, pervy nature of Hollywood? Oh, at one point Frankie Goes to Hollywood shows up and performs “Relax.” Definitely deserves a rewatch.