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  • Hotel Rwanda

    Hotel Rwanda


    Voyeuristic as fuck? Yes. Problematic in other ways? Yes. And still a moving movie that, because of when I saw it in my life (13) shaped me pretty dramatically into someone who wanted to fight for social justice.

  • Good Boy

    Good Boy


    Real let down, despite Greer being awesome.

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  • Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

    Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend


    I loved this movie as a kid and it's why I'm still partly convinced there's dinosaurs around Lake Victoria

  • Free Enterprise

    Free Enterprise

    Wondering if gender shitty politics of nerd culture were around before #GamerGate or #ComicsGate? Well, duh, they were, and here's a great example of how a series that purports to be all about equality has fans who are interested in anything but.