Ugetsu ★★★★½

"you were too stupid to learn except through misfortunes."

a tragic and thoughtful film. it’s a morality tale about the folly of men and the suffering their women had to endure. this film by Kenji Mizoguchi definitely has more on its mind than it seems to, thanks to its unique story and the striking direction.

a beautiful Japanese production, set in feudal Japan and filmed in long dreamily lit shots, this film never feels anything but authentic. it quite strikingly and cinematically tells about the importance of family and your loved ones, and condemns avarice and love of money, especially in the time of man-made catastrophes and general suffering.

at times, it's hard to know which direction this film is going in (i mean that in a good way). the interlocking narratives conclude perfectly and the visuals are stunning. its magical scenes are very haunting and mesmerizing. the surreal, ghost story portions are not distracting, but add a horrifying tone to this masterpiece.

also, men ain't shit.

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