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  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    From the opening scene when JOHN goes to get his car back, it goes completely insane and sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which i found very very impressive and one of the most exciting and cool openings of an action movie ever, no kidding, literally the first 10-15 minutes up untill the opening credits are awesome.
    There’s a lot more about the THE CONTENENTAL and what goes on around it, which adds to the world building,…

  • The Earrings of Madame de...

    The Earrings of Madame de...


    Beneath their surface functions, most objects we buy or sell are intrinsically meaningless -- but when tied to a specific emotion or memory or even person, they can take on entirely new importance.

    THE EARRINGS OF MADAME DE... tells the story of Madame de - 's 💁‍♂️ earrings. This is a story of jewellery, of love, of denial, of society that aims to have the simplicity of a fairy tale and the elegance of a French bourgeoisie society

    Though the…

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  • 45 Years

    45 Years


    Based on a story by david constantine called IN ANOTHER COUNTRY , KATE AND GEOFF MERCER are a couple who are approaching ther 45th wedding anniversary for which they’re having a big celebration, they didn’t have it for their 40th because it turns out that he had some health problems. In the week before the big day a letter arrives telling them that a former girlfriend of Geoff has been found perfectly preserved in the ice of the Alps where…

  • Eternity and a Day

    Eternity and a Day


    MY ONLY REGRET ANNA - but is it only one? - is to not have finished anything. I left all as a draft, SHATERED WORDS HERE AND THERE....

    Bruno Ganz portrays Alexandre, a Greek poet who awaits his imminemt death, and prepares to go to the hospital the next day.
    He is a man who is patiently in search for his life’s ultimate meaning, in the cource of his wanderings, he encounters a young Albanian boy who’s banishment from his…