Landscape in the Mist

Landscape in the Mist ★★★★½

This film like Eternity and a Day is filled with movement- emotional, material, or narrative, even if the frame stands still, there is the mixture of the personal, political, mythic and sexual. Landscape In The Mist is loaded with little moments of large impact.

The story is basically “Two children journey the long road to Germany to find a non existent man they believe to be their father.”

On the road, they learn the realities of life – cruelty, violence and the crude struggle for survival, but also friendship and the first stirrings of romance. In a particularly startling scene, joy and sorrow are revealed simultaneously as a horse dies before their eyes, even as a marriage is gleefully celebrated nearby. In another, the hand of a statue pulled out of the water could symbolise fragmentation (other than the obvious reaching out something that is constantly moving away from you motif), among several other things. In the end, the quest is hopeless. It's a desperate search for value, for meaning, for that indistinct dream you cling on to.

Does this film feels pretentious at times? 
Does it go a little in your face with its symbolism?
Is it a little slow at times?
Do i still love it?
Hell, yeah!!

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