Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

I guess that in its own meta way, Scream 2 has every reason to exist. Poking fun at awful movie sequels this time around is sort of a smart way to continue the meta nature of the first film. I do not think that this is as good as the first movie in some ways, but I do think this is still very good overall. Like the first film, the whodunnit style of mystery here is interesting enough, and there are definitely plenty of characters who it could be that it keeps you guessing as it goes along. While the end reveal and sequence here isn’t as awesome as the one from the first film, it’s still good enough. I had not seen this movie in a long time, so I actually forgot who the killer was, so it was fun revisiting this. The one area where I feel like this movie sort of fails in comparison to the original, is that the new characters this time around aren’t as good as the characters from the first film, even though they are still sort of fun I guess. Speaking of characters though, Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott is really awesome. I love how throughout the first film and this film, she is always fighting back against the killer, and isn’t just there to be chased around and maybe killed. I sort of loved how in this one, she’s visibly over this shit the entire time, which is sort of funny. She was my favorite part of this movie probably. Overall though, this is a well directed sequel, which does a good job at giving itself a reason to exist where many horror sequels do not, even if this film doesn’t really ever go above the first film in any way. This is still a good watch, and I’d recommend it.