Tenet ★★★★½

Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker who is constantly reinventing himself, and with what genres he likes to tackle. It sometimes works out, like with Interstellar, and in my opinion sometimes doesn't work, like in Dunkirk. With Tenet, we find Nolan taking on the spy/espionage genre, resulting in an astounding success for the director.

This movie felt like a throwback to old James Bond movies in the best way, but with weird time travel added in. Sure, the plot itself is sort of not that original on it's surface, but with this time stuff added in, it makes it different enough to make it feel fresh. For the first hour or so I was sort of lost as to where this movie was going, but after a certain point it started to make more sense to me, and at the end, it sort of all came together, and I had thought that it made more sense, all things considered. There are some things I am sort of unsure on, but I will have to view this movie a second time knowing where it goes.

The big screen spectacle that this movie provides is something that only Nolan can do for me. I don't know how to describe what I mean exactly, but for me, no one can do a big blockbuster like this just like Nolan can. The action here is so smart and so creative with the time stuff mixed in. One fight scene in particular was absolutely awesome, and works even better once something else happens later on the film that ties back into this scene. The climactic action scene here was tense and awesome as well. The fight scenes had me constantly smiling and thinking to myself that this movie was sort of epic.

The cinematography is very nice, which I expect from a Nolan movie at this point. The soundtrack, composed by someone other than Hans Zimmer this time, thank god, because I cannot stand his musical scores. They're just loud noises that all sound the same. I do not recall the name of this composer, but they did a phenomenal job here. It's very psychedelic, and even though some of it can start to sound the same sometimes, it really does help to make the action scenes feel more tense and awesome than they already were.

The performances from everyone were good, even though Kenneth Branagh was hamming it up so hard as the big bad evil Russian bad guy. His performance was still fun though. He is usually always good. Robert Pattinson and John David Washington have really good chemistry here, and were both a delight to watch on screen. Elizabeth Deicki's character was really one of the only characters to have any sort of actual development, even though she can sometimes just fall into the damsel in distress role for the first bit of the film.

With some inventive action sequences, some amazing cinematography and a musical score that makes this movie feel even more bad ass than it already was, Nolan has yet again wowed me, and was able to yet again play with the concept of time in a fun and inventive way. With how much he loves this concept, it's fun seeing him try to do something different with it each time he makes a new film, even if it doesn't work for me always, but here, he succeeds with flying colors, crafting what is the best film of the year so far, and a phenomenal way to welcome some back to theaters after a long hiatus, and sort of a stale summer movie season.

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