The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

The animation on display here is seriously something to behold sometimes. It is so impressively gorgeous constantly. My main issue with this movie was mainly with the script sometimes I suppose. Sometimes this movie is genuinely clever and hilarious, and sometimes it just falls flat and isn’t. It’s a mixed bag in that regard, in my opinion. The message is also very on the nose here. It isn’t subtle in the slightest, and I guess that’s ok. I will say, though that this is a fun movie overall. When this movie is at its best, it’s frenetic, clever and hilarious with some pretty great voice work too I think. I think I’m even more excited for what Sony pictures animation does next, especially Spider-Verse 2 after seeing this. The animation is going to be so insane.

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