Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Sound of Metal is like an object in your rear view mirror because it's bigger than it appears. This resonant story of a drummer in a metal duo who has sudden hearing loss is as good as it sounds. Because, like all well-told tales, this one is so intimate it's universal.

Riz Ahmed takes the lead role of the recovering addict facing the music personally and delivers such a stark and accurate portrayal that it is already receiving some Oscar buzz.

Playing the other half of the metal duo and his better half at home, Olivia Cooke uses her immense talent (if you haven't seen Katy Says Goodbye, don't, because she's so real in it, it might kill you) to show us every little flaw in her character's character like a little girl displaying her cuts.

But perhaps the real hero of the film is director Darius Marder (The Place Beyond the Pines). His subtle yet obvious talent makes him more a tattoo artist than director because Sound of Metal gets under your skin, leaves its mark, and becomes a part of you after you walk away.

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