Capone ½

Capone is about the last year of Al Capone's life as he suffers from full blown dementia. I don't even know where to begin with this movie, it's genuinely a giant mess across the board. The major problem though is there isn't a plot it's just about the last year of his life.

The movie doesn't give you the groundwork or the setup necessary to know who Al Capone was. It just assumes you know everythuaboht the guy already and that's a cardinal sin when it comes to screenwriting. The film also doesn't depict dementia favorably, it's very disrespectful and unintentionally hilarious.

The Pros: The soundtrack is serviceable. Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon and Noel Fisher do really good jobs in the movie. It's interesting seeing Matt Dillon much older, he looks ALOT like Bruce Campbell but all 3 of these actors should have bigger roles as they're the only good actors in the movie and you can tell they really tried with this one. The idea of showing us Capone's last year of life is interesting but ideas can only get you so far.

The Cons: Can we stop pretending Tom Hardy is this fantastic actor? He's definitely a more physical actor than a vocal one and this is the only proof I need. Tom Hardy gives a comically bad performance that doesn't reflect any sort of respect or reverence and I know that may be a weird request from some of you as Al Capone was a ruthless, murderous bootlegger but even from someone who's simply suffering from dementia it's disrespectful. Anyone who's ever known someone to suffer and die from dementia can walk away from this movie feeling disgusted and insulted. The movie narratively doesn't make sense. Like I said, the film doesn't really have a plot. There's a loose idea that Al Capone has hidden money somewhere and people are trying to find it but there's no resolution and no motivations for any of our "characters". Characters are set up in scenes that Al Capone was not present for and it turns out that those characters are imaginary so there's basic no rules when it comes to its scenes. The editing and pacing of the movie is also really bad as it's very aimless serving as a reflection for Al Capone's mindset but I would constitute that as a lesser issue as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas achieves something similar successfully only with Hunter S. Thompson being on every drug.

Not a fun watch, not a good watch and not an engaging story. This movie manages to serve as an insult to people who have suffered with dementia while forgetting to give us a compelling story. Some good performances and an interesting idea isn't enough to save this.

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