It's a me Gotti

Gotti is about-well, I'm not sure. I assume it's about his rise and downfall but the movie fails on almost every level. For some reason the movie is laid out as a non-linear story which makes it hard to get invested when we're switching consistently between times of his life. The production looks cheap, like really cheap. It reminded me of a college student trying to remake Goodfellas or any better Italian mob movie. There's zero tension as I don't know who any of the characters are or why I should care.

There's no reason why I should care about this family or this person as opposed to like The Sopranos where it's 15X more interesting than anything this movie tried to do. The death of John Gotti's son doesn't have any place in the movie, it's barely brought up again and it isn't a motivator if any kind since it doesn't come up to play in any moment other than when Gotti's wife is chastising him about John A. Gotti.

The soundtrack was made by Pitbull and it feels so out of place with the late 80's-early 90's time period. I was completely baffled by this idea. The editing is a complete mess and again-it all just looks so cheap. The only praise I can give this movie is that John Travolta is trying and he's not doing that bad of a job as opposed to Tom Hardy as Al Capone where it's comically bad. Again-the story is non-linear but at least there's a story to tell as opposed to Capone where it's just a fever dream the whole time with no plot.

This might be the first Italian mob movie where there aren't 10 scenes of Italian food being made, eaten or talked about. Every mob movie involves it and it just takes me out of the situation, like these mobsters don't act how the Italian mob works, in every gangster movie that's worth a shit people are talking over food whether it's their next move, whether they're gonna whack someone or just with their families.

Not good. Sorry Travolta.

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