Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Big Monke no like Creedence Clearwater Revival.

So Kong: Skull Island is okay... it's a reimagining of King Kong but the movie manages to also be a reimagining of the entire monster universe or whatever they're calling it by making everything "more fun". With a brighter aesthetic, actors recognizable by the MCU and some wacky old songs to keep listeners engaged.

Acting. Acting is actually pretty good all around the board. Tom Hiddleston gets to play an action hero and he's never been more out of place. Brie Larson is also in the movie and surprisingly doesn't act as cunty throughout the runtime. Samuel L. Jacksons character is a cartoon and belongs in a cartoon. John C. Reilly feels the most out of place, this man does good ass acting in some good ass movies but can't pull shit out for a performance like this?

I like Kong, I understand why they had to redesign him for this universe however I do think he acts a bit too human. Nothing just screams wild animal when I look at him and maybe I'm not supposed to but that's what he is?

This movie had like 2 different ones in it and they're both garbage. On one hand Samuel L. Jackson is a man in a mission on the other one Kong is King and he's a pretty good King. This movie just isn't that exciting, the most exciting part is the neon Vietnam aesthetic and that's a fatass member berry.

This movie is textbook blockbuster it hurts. Nothing about this movie seems authentic. It feels reactionary, it feels unnecessary and it worked. People ate this up when it came out in all of its mediocrity. There are two types of 5/10 ratings for me, they're either average impressive or average not and I bet you can guess which this is.

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