Nightcrawler ★★★★★

What lengths can a person go to fulfill their fetish for their job?
When does it start infringing with one's intrinsic sense of ethics and morals?
How does this fetish for one's job manifest itself to the point that it starts controlling the individual themselves?
What causes the observer's fetish to fester in such a way that they end up becoming a participant rather than a distant admirer?
In the end, is the observer capturing the scene or is the scene capturing them?

Nightcrawler has been written brilliantly, with a resounding background score that keeps the viewers engaged with the scene and has some of the most outstanding performances I've seen. Gyllenhaal especially, manages to deliver an excruciatingly tense performance which leaves you awestruck every scene. His facial expressions make up almost half the movie's artistic brilliance. Phenomenal movie. Has left me with more questions than I started with.