Eternals ★★★★½

Ever since i saw the first trailer, i had a feeling i would love this movie. i adore stories of gods and myths, beings beyond our comprehension, who cannot perceive time as we do. and luckily, this film to me didn’t dissapoint. i loved that it was almost akin to a miyazaki film in that there was no villains, just differing perspectives on an insanely massive issue. the performances all around were fantastic; my personal favourites were Gemma Chan, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani. i loved the scope of this; chronicaling the evolution and story of mankind as well as a more efficient superhero narrative. i didn’t expect the big twist at all and it really worked for me. the visuals were insane. so gorgeous in every single scene. i can see this growing on me more and more, and i cant wait to rewatch. it was just all around a triumph and i loved it so deeply, it appealed to me so personally and my niche interests. cannot wait to rewatch. i do think the hiroshima bit was incredibly uneccessary and badly handled so that pulls it down for me. there’s also a myriad of nitpicks and little things but i’m forgiving those for now. let’s see on a rewatch. 

also it’s so funny seeing people cheer for harry styles when they don’t know how awful his character is.

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