A Summer in La Goulette

A Summer in La Goulette ★★★

That quote at the top of the cover is so off base, haha. Insanely erotic? Ok, maybe if the person who said it is from Tunisia, tits aren't a standard ingridient in films from muslim nations, I guess.

As for "comedy". Yes, it tries it's hand at some sort of comedy, but it fell completely flat in my view.

This is, of course, a first for me. Tunisian, or even African films aren't part of my usual diet. As is expected, the exotic environment of La Goulette, set to the summer of 1970, is what drew me in. It doesn't hurt that the three girls are pretty cute, and that Claudia Cardinale (a La Goulette native) drops by for a cameo as herself.

The premise of the story is three young girls making a pact to lose their virginity by mid-august. A muslim, a catholic Italian and a Jewish girl. See, that's the thing. In Tunis they all lived together in harmony until all hell broke loose in the Middle East, and the catholics and jews left for good.

The story also revolves around the three girls' fathers, good friends who now find them selves at odds with each other when the girls start acting out. Throw in a horny "Hadji", some curious neighborhood boys and some domestic issues and you've got the entire film.

Not a very memorable affair, but it was something entirely new and refreshing, at least.

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