Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

The fairytale is over, it might seem. Or you could argue that it is indeed a mature fairytale of grown-ups in grown-up relationships sticking with each other through thick and thin.
My mindset before this that there was no way this third installment would rise to the hights of its predecessors. I just thought it implausible. Not only is it on par with them, it is better.
The cinematography is better, the acting is better, and the quality of the script is better.

Before Midnight broke my heart, and put the pieces back together, several times. It was a very hard watch, at least if your invested in the characters, but also extremely rewarding, as always. And with so many memorable scenes.
The first half hour is unfamiliar territory, but it serves its purpose as a careful introduction to where Jesse in Celine are in their lives. The opening, long, take of the car is pure magic, and we are served small crumbs of what is to come in terms of discussion points.
Then there is the dinner scene, with wonderful conversations.
Still, as much as there is plenty to enjoy, it's all about the main course: Jesse and Celine, walking and talking.

The fact that all three of them (Hawke, Delpy and Linklater) contribute to the script, means that even in heated fights, no one is more right than the other, and even though I think most men will side with Jesse and most women with Celine, there is no denying that the empathy is directed at both. You see where both of them are coming from, and I love the fact that no punches are pulled.
A mature, realistic masterpiece, that is more willing than the previous two to dive into the darker areas of Jesse and Celine's minds.

So much is said and written about this already, and there is no point of me probably repeating what many others have said before me, so I will end with a final appraisal: best trilogy ever.

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