Don Jon

Don Jon ★★★½

Not bad for a first effort this, even if it does feel like an episode of Jersey Shore for a good half hour or so. Thankfully we get a bit under the skin of "Jon", so it would then be the most profound episode of Jersey Shore ever, but the same could be said about taking a dump.

Don Jon approaches both sides' expectations in a relationship, even if it is a charicature of characters. The men who watch porn, as we do, getting a warped impression or expectation of what sex is, or should be, about, and women watching mainstream romantic comedies and get warped expectations of what makes a man. Don Jon's biggest achievement would probably be in making Scarlett Johansson unattractive, though, I really didn't think that was possible, but she (Barbara that is, before you all hound me out off Letterboxd) is repulsive here.
The porn thing I can somewhat relate to, even if I don't bring Jon's expectations with me when encountering women, I do appreciate it......a bit too much. The female brain wash courtesy of Hollywood where the expectations of men are a door mat in the shape of prince charming is also a gripe to me personally.
But as well as repetition, JGL also puts maybe too much of a cliche spin on the universe in wich he places his story.

After the aformentioned 30 mins are up, JGL introduces Julianne Moore, and she is a blessing to this film's endurance. I was just about to grow tired of the repetitiveness of it all, but she brings with her a better understanding of Jon and also a change in his character.

Jon's family is beautifully cast (TONY DANZA!), even if I personally would have liked more of Brie Larsson.

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