Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

Is it even possible to "grow up" while at the same time remaining true to your self? Or as Frances her self puts it "becoming a real person". It's a tough one.

Frances is at a loss in her personal as well as her professional life, but is unwilling to compromise and continues to reach for the sky. It's a chaotic period of her life we're allowed a look into. Those formative years post college graduation where her friends seem to leave their youthful mindset and enter adulthood.

Noah Baumbach's latest (co-written by star Greta Gerwig) is easily my favourite, no mean feat in itself, mostly because it rings harrowingly true. i'm basically a male Frances, a part from the fact I couldn't dance a waltz if my life depended on it. Undateable!
Well, maybe a couple of other things as well, but the gist of it is pretty much the same. And when something is this relateable and well crafted, well then there's no point fighting the infatuation.

Frances talks early on about the fact that she can't muster up any interest for any types of litterature or film about animals if they're without human characteristics, like being able to speak etc. There and then I knew the long, excruciating wait had not been in vain. There was no way this was not one of my favourite films now. And I was right.
I'm already fond of mumblecore, so it might not have been the greatest leap of faith ever, but I just knew following Frances would be a sublime experience. I could, literally watch her for 10 times the running time, if not more. It just sort of fits. The black and white tone, the soundtrack (Frances leaping down the street to Modern Love....oh my god...), the way they've perfected the character (this is quintessential GG, her magnum opus if you will, and it's just so damn authentic), the chemistry between Frances and Sophia, the final picture of the mail box when Modern Love comes on once again, New York City. And its infinite rewatchability.

The ending could've probably not been as generously saccharine, but that's a minor flaw in an otherwise magnificent film.

I'm not a real person yet, but you've shown me some light at the end of the tunnel, guys.

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