Mistaken for Strangers

Mistaken for Strangers ★★★★

I consider my self a fan of The National, hell I travelled with a bunch of mates to Amsterdam last fall to watch them (although that particular place does have other things to offer as well), and to just have their songs being a part of the documentary is good enough for me.
The doc itself slowly turns into a portrait of what it means to be brothers, but mostly about what it means to be the brother of a rock star, when you yourself are a talented, but self-sabotaging slacker.

You could say that Tom Berninger more than anything stumbled across the pot of gold this little doc is, and it remains to be seen if he now can build on this in the future.
For now, he's produced one of the most affecting documentaries I've seen in quite a while.

David Ehrlich calls it the "Close-Up" of tour docs. I'll endorse that sentiment and leave that as all the recommendation you need.

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