No ★★★½

Pablo Larrain's final(?) film about Chile under Pinochet rule is an interesting one, but lacks that emotional punch I was sure it would be packing.
Very nice touch to use cameras that produce a 80s docu-style causing it to get an aura of authenticity.
A film with this subject could quite easily become too bleak, too pessimistic, but Larrain manages to pull off a laugh here and there, and Bernal is a solid protagonist.
I didn't actually know Pinochet allowed a borderline fair election, so this was educational as well as entertaining. It finishes off with an elegant air of bittersweet victory when Bernal's PR company show off their new comercial, which in fact is the same one they had been working on for a while, which in my view is a reflection of the fact that not much changed in Chile after the election either.

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