Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

For a movie that only has one memorable character this was shockingly great. I loved Franco before last night, but that has reached a whole new level now. What an iconic performance, culminating in the best use of a Britney Spears song I will ever encounter.
Like no other Korine I've seen before, and I'm a borderline fan of his other work. This is closer to Malick on acid, and shows a whole other set of characters than in his previous work. Sure, they're "freaks", but from another part of society. I well refrain from analyzing what kind of impact Korine implies that will have for mankind.
Spring Breakers brings together much of what I myself reckon is wrong with the world today (up to and including dubstep) and masquerades a nightmare behind tits, drugs, alcohol, crappy music, guns and ass. Too bad he sort of doesn't have enough insight into the mind of a teenage girl, resulting in sort of bland protagonists. The girls still do their best, though, although Hudgens might be overdoing it somewhat.
A hypnotic and strangely entertaining ride, and definitely rewatch friendly. The fucked up thing is this might end up being loved both for the right and for the wrong reasons.

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