The Great Beauty

The Great Beauty ★★★★

The Great Beauty as a film, as a city and as life itself.
Sorrentino turns to his, in lack of another word, muse, Toni Servillo to act as our guide not only into a group of socialites within the upper echelons of Rome's intellectuals, but also the city and Jep Gambardella himself.
Servillo's Gambardella is a truly remarkable protagonist, never lost for words, and with an accute eye for the finer things in life. He is at a cross roads, though, at 65 and with no roots connecting him with any other human beings. And, as the saintly old woman tells him, in her own way, roots are important.
It is perhaps not a good sign that I totally want to be like him......

I know little of Fellini's work, unfortunately, and can offer no insight into how this stands next to the old master's films. What I can do, is recommend this, if for nothing else, than for the cinematography capturing the lush city of Rome's nook and crannies. Astounding is not even close.
And the party scenes are so great, they're even fun to just look at sober.

The Great Beauty unfortunately slips into meandering territory at times, and could do with a trimming.
May just be the most I have admired a film in a few years, though.

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