The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★½

What's all the fuss about, really?
The sex is pretty "covered up" sans a tit here and there, and besides saying the f-word a lot, and drugging out like extras in Fear and Loathing it's basically Wall Street, if they'd casted monkeys in all the parts.
Talented monkeys, of course, not some they just happened to find in the street next to a grind organ operator.

I'm exaggerating (duh), because Di Caprio and Hill are really showing off their acting chomps. So let's say they're just impersonating chimps, the rest are full bred monkeys.

WoWS should never have been this long, I dread for what the director's cut will look like, and the schtick of having Di Caprio walk us through 80s-90s capitalism lingo feels extremely dated. This might have to do with the source material, but it wouldn't have been too hard to change it.

It starts off pretty good, with Belfort even likeable, and McConaughey in a fine little cameo.
After the first showboating exercise though, it's just debauchery for 2 hours.

But. No not the stripper butts. But. To all whome have been offended by this film in one way or another, and are not in any way related to the despicable meat heads depicted in must have gone through this with a looking glass in your right hand and an already typed up scolding letter in the other.
They're depicted as a bunch of losers, high school dropouts mostly, that exploit other people, can't put together much of a sentance other than the ones indoctrinated in them for sales pitches most of the time, and do their utmost to ruin everything, all of the time.

There's no glorifcation going on here whatsoever. EVER!

There's not a lot of anything for me to hold on to, really. In other works by Scorsese, the guys doing awful things, much more awful than these buffoons, they at least came with a personality, some charisma, and dare I say charm?

And for 3 hours I had to sit through listening to schmucks talking demeaning shit. 3 hours. Where's Weinstein when you actually need him? At least give us more of Kyle Chandler to even it out a bit!
I was entertained though, especially the 2 first hours. But then again, I favour the odd tit......

It's a nice vehicle for Leo to at least get a nom come March, but in the end rather pointless.

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