Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

I woke up this morning thinking about Mulholland Drive, but it wasn't something I initiated as much as it was something that happened without me trying, to the point where I wasn't sure whether or not I had been dreaming about the movie. That is probably the best thing I could say about the movie to prove its greatness.

Mulholland Drive was a mystery to me for years- it was a movie I wanted to see so badly, before I even could recognize it was directed by David Lynch, because everything I had heard about it was so intriguing to me. It was sort of mythic in a way. And even now after I have seen it, Mulholland Drive still has that mythic-ness. I think what allows Mulholland Drive to retain that feeling, to be so impactful almost at a subconscious level, is that after watching it, even after reading theories, Mulholland Drive is like a puzzle I can't put together, sort of like I never saw it at all. After having watched the movie, it is still a mystery to me like it was for two years. I think that is everything I could have wanted.

Already the next morning the movie feels so much like a dream, like it's fading from my memory and I have to think hard to remember everything besides the visuals. The chronologicality of the story has already slipped my mind. To create a movie that so perfectly parallels a dream is really just incredible. How perfect for a movie that compares movies to dreams to feel like a dream.

I cannot put into words how perfect Mulholland Drive is, and how floored I am by it's perfection.

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