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  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five


    nothing but respect for my justice league

  • Paddington



    apparently nicole kidman learned knife throwing tricks for this movie but the scenes were cut for being too intense for a kids movie. nicole kidman if you’re reading this please know that your skills are not wasted and you can try out your knife throwing tricks on me any time

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  • Images



    this is a magnificently eerie, hallucinatory nightmare from start to finish and there are very few actors who could’ve carried it the way susannah york did, she’s unbelievably magnetic

  • Serial Mom

    Serial Mom


    instant fave! there's something so great about unhinged women gleefully going batshit over petty things and kathleen turner is a delight to watch

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  • Wine Country

    Wine Country


    is it just my imagination or did they soften and smooth the women's faces in post? they all look like walking instagram filters

  • Ocean's Eight

    Ocean's Eight


    i loved walking out of the cinema feeling like i personally just pulled off a huge jewellery heist when really i’m a broke ass bitch who can’t even steal a plastic bag in the supermarket checkout without getting caught