Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War


A blockbuster of epic proportions in which each scene transition feels disjointed, jarring and without point, purpose or weight. The film gets all the characters from point A to B for the plot’s sake but does so without any energy or passion to it. For a film of this magnitude, scale and budget, it truly does feel like an episode to a high budget television show. 

The bleak ending was good and the most emotive scene found in the entire film, a dying Tony Stark embracing the young Peter Parker as he fades away to dust, begging for his life, is found in that climax. It was so apparent in this scene that Parker, while heroic and brave, is equally a frightened and naive teenage boy. However, the Russos fail to capture anything else in this intimate  way. We are so invested and preoccupied in our heroes turning to dust, the editing switching from character to character making us beg that they don’t die, that we forget to turn our attention to the world, in which half of everyday people like ourselves are indeed dying as well. After all, the heroes are fighting for all of mankind so it’s unfortunate that the film failed to capture this. 

The battle sequences feel like there isn’t any weight behind them and the way they’re directed by the Russos makes these sequences feel like something that would air on SyFy. Everything is visually stale, and the cinematography is boring. There’s not much creative or innovative filmmaking to be found here. Everything is crowded and it’s obvious that the intent here should be to make everything feel like a spectacle unlike any other we’ve seen, but the way the Russo’s capture it makes everything feel small and insignificant. That being said, they did strike gold in fight sequence between Thanos, Tony, and Dr Strange. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the likeable characters get sidelined to make room for Thanos, who is undoubtedly a great character. Josh Brolin continues being a fantastic actor and I love the handling of his character. Sadly, the Guardians of the Galaxy characters are focused on for a large portion of the film and they continue to be overbearing, and Peter Quill continues to be the absolute worst. Just about every single joke made falls embarrassingly flat. 

Overall, ‘Avengers Infinity War’ is a disappointment but I admire the Russos’ effort.

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