Midsommar ★½

An odd and peculiar film that is sometimes mesmerizing but mostly silly that I admire for its technical wizardry and dreamlike atmosphere, which includes both a gorgeous and horrific  sound design and mind bending cinematography. The combination makes this dark fairy tale that feels like a nightmarish lucid dream. The opening sequence is also just rattling  and the film simply never reaches those heights again. The remainder of the movie morphs into a complete clash of tone and aside from the above mentioned technical aspects, practically nothing else works. There is no cohesive narrative arc or substance to its bare bones slasher structured story, the film builds to absolutely nothing and tries it’s hardest to be artsy and allegorical whilst being lazy with the script at best and downright non sensical at worst. Aster puts no care unto developing these characters or making anyone of them beyond being a whiny drug addict although Florence is magnetic at times as an actress. All in all, as a fan of Hereditary, I thought this couldn’t have been a worse sophomore feature for Aster.

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