Malignant ★★½

Once someone points out to you that this movie basically starts like an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode with a tangent in the laboratory of Dr. Weird, you can't unsee it. Malignant is camp, a horror film with the same ludicrous bent as Batman & Robin. Preposterous line reads, hysterical plot escalations, a jail scene ripped from a 1970s New York exploitation flick, a Matrix-ready fight scene of the antagonist destroying an entire precinct worth of cops - James Wan finds his groove right at the hypnotherapy scene and everything is a bonkers good time from there.

The path getting there is soooo boring, though! A chance interruption stopped my partner and I right at the scene before and we both were very reluctant to continue because it sucked so hard. Just repetitious slasher movie beats and Annabelle Wallis shrieking. I'd heard the final act was zany and so pushed on through to get there, but I'm a completionist and it was still a close thing. Using my scientific calculations, I average out the 1-star sucky parts and the 4-star roller coaster parts across the runtime, and come out with 2.5! I would have gone higher for a film that left me cackling, but a confused pro-life (I think?) digression at the end left a sour taste in my mouth.

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