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  • Transylvania 6-5000

    Transylvania 6-5000


    When the Dow Chemical Company’s plan to move money from Yugoslavia to the US was met with roadblocks, they decided to fund a movie that would be shot in Yugoslavia and turn a profit in the US. The result was Transylvania 6-5000 and that little anecdote is by far the most interesting thing about it. Despite it’s promising cast, T6-5k has a real stinker of a script. This really could have been decent but the jokes rarely earn a chuckle and the story just isn’t compelling in the slightest.

  • The Video Dead

    The Video Dead


    Your mileage may vary, but I’m more of a TerrorVision guy. I did enjoy parts of it quite a bit, and would rewatch it again in a heartbeat if the mood was right.

    April: You don't understand. He likes to chase skunks in the woods, and if he finds them he tries to mate with them. Only skunks don't like to mate with poodles, and then they spray him. And then he really gets turned on!

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  • Deadbeat at Dawn

    Deadbeat at Dawn


    Show this to friends that want to make movies but don’t have any money. No budget masterpiece.

  • Willow



    There’s no acceptable explanation for why Warwick Davis doesn’t get top billing.