Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

Round 7

In 35mm film at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood.

What could have been....

What if the underdog won? What if the people who felt useless and overlooked finally did something meaningful and worthwhile? What if the evils of the night were chased back into the sewers they crawled out of and innocence was allowed to blossom? What if it was a different house? Different people? What if he had gotten that McQueen part? What if he killed his wife? What if he hadn’t been high? What if he didn’t still have that flamethrower?

Tarantino’s saddest and most good natured film. Earnest and infatuated. Patient and sincere. Longing and sorrowful. Regretful and mournful. Layered and bountiful. His most shocking one, in that it completely goes against what you’d expect from one of his movies. This is the movie he was born to make. No other person on earth could have made this.

The old and new. Fantasy and reality. Light and dark. Comedy and tragedy. Blurring the lines of it all and creating a mosaic of art and love and confidence and maturity.

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