Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

The most layered and mature of Tarantino’s work. Thoughtful in its every decision and minute detail. The most eloquent expression of QT’s belief in what movies can do, how they can preserve, redeem, right wrongs, revitalize, and connect with us all. More nurturing than Basterds, I think, and more effective in its use of cinematic violence as a way of historical correction. Has become one of my comfort films and I cease to notice the runtime anymore, just like Pulp Fiction. I’m just humming along to the story beats, soaking it all in. I could keep going, but instead I’ll link my favorite reviews/analysis/pieces on this movie I’ve read since it came out:

Priscilla Page on Birth.Movies.Death

Walter Chaw on Film Freak Central

Kim Morgan on New Beverly Cinema

Travis Woods on Bright Wall/Dark Room

Read every single one of these as they’re all incredibly  insightful and often very personal and moving.

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