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  • Time




    I just want to give everyone on screen a hug, the mother, the father, the kids, and Garret Bradley for bringing this into existence. In a year, where our perception of time is dazed, and films (like Tenet, and I’m thinking of Ending Things) aim to experiment with the linearity of it, Time magically combines both on the foundation of pathos. With over 100 hours of source material (that was given by the mother to the director after filming),…

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  • Nomadland




    A juxtaposition of profound silence and a heart-melting score. Nomadland bathes in its atmosphere of an America defined by people who have suffered the most. It will attach into your soul unlike many movies can, because above all it’s a movie about living. Instead of a straightforward narrative, it almost progresses in a circle, people come and go, and Frances McDormand’s character anchors onto them. Moving forward while others physically can’t is an interesting dichotomy, which is encapsulated in…

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks



    It feels as if all of Sofia Coppola's ideas were lost in translation. Except for Bill Murray driving around in New York, that was pristine. On the Rocks is founded on the concept of subjectivity in a marriage and its ability to tarnish it, yet the (major) events that catalyze the ripples and insecurities are purely objective. It instantly created a disconnect between me and the movie, and the underwhelming conclusion only amplified the issue. After the Q&A, I…

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  • Tenet



    My mask was having a workout during Tenet, it was stretching when I was gasping, it was letting out the carbon dioxide when I was laughing, & it was protecting me from COVID. A versatile tool, indeed.

    I will say, those effects on my masks cemented the fact that I was genuinely enjoying Tenet. Witnessing its gargantuan spectacle made me feel like a child again, almost making me oblivious to the convoluted storytelling, which is definitely an issue. This issue is…

  • Dunkirk



    This was so stressful to watch that I was on the verge of tears, and once Dunkirk relived that stress, you can imagine what happened next. 

    I had seen Dunkirk previously twice, but this time it truly clicked with me. Nolan captures feelings of fear and terror, as well as relief and euphoria, without omitting a word. He’s creating characters in broad strokes, not building his narrative on characters, but the war itself, for war is forever a part of…