Spencer ★★★★½

Past and present are the same

Spencer is everything I was told, everything I hoped, and so so much more. It truly highlights the bizarre and harmful way in which the monarchy refuses to participate in a single thing, or to act a certain way, or even feel, unless that is the way it was always done. No original thoughts exist. Only those that have come before, and therefore they must be followed. And in turn, the past becomes the present.
Spencer is one of the few biopics I've seen that doesn't put you in the room with it's subject matter, but rather puts you in her head. It's nauseating, it's heartbreaking, and it's claustrophobic. Diana is begging to get out and so are we. The cinematography is easily the best of the year, and the script is utterly brilliant. Full of horror, and slivers of hope. The scenes with Diana and her boys are my favorites. And of course, what can be said about Kristen Stewart that hasn't been touched on a hundred times? MONUMENTAL performance. You feel every emotion she is, and it makes for an uncomfortable, and deeply moving experience and I can not wait to revisit it.