Black Widow

Black Widow ★★½

Black Widow is the climax of what would be the cinematographic absence of Marvel, it was not a pleasant return, the film was stored for more than a year and now after having seen it it shows that since it was finished no one touched it again until its premiere.

It has many problems, which any other Marvel movie has, but the audience is instantly forgiven. But for me the biggest sin of BW is that it is boring, it is not like Far from home, a "bad" but entertaining movie. All this bad sign started when the initial credits appeared ... WTF !? Marvel putting initial credits?

Not to say that I could no longer believe that the character of Natasha (a simple human with few improvements, without really being a super soldier) was kicked by Taskmaster and flew off hitting her back against a car ... nope, I did not get it. Florence Pugh is the best of all, period.