Tenet ★★

I don't care if Tenet is good or bad, I just want to see Nolan lose.

I've been a fan of Nolan for some time, watching most of his filmography, I liked Inception and TDK, like most, but everything changed when I saw Interstellar in 2014, when I saw the reality of his films, but this is a criticism Tenet and not his other movies.

Nolan returns to his conventions after achieving a great film, interested in scientific concepts of which he uses for his own interest, something that many see something strong and makes the narrative complex, but the only thing he does is complicate the narrative by taking it up and down so much. out of control, relying on shameless exposition in most of its plot.

All his characters are shells that only guide the plot and work for events, no character has personality, there is no depth, there is no empathy, you cannot project yourself or identify with anyone. The events happen because they must happen, so throughout the duration, not to say that there are no consequences or a preparation for what happens.

It is a clear and blatant attempt by Nolan to achieve a movie of great duration and big budget based on "concepts" that he change to be able to give a message, I really don't know what the message is ... is the future already written or does it not matter the consequences, is everything already written?

Something that also catches my attention is that many people say that it is a complex plot or use scientific terms or concepts to explain or develop the plot, but no, it is very simple: people can go in reverse while everything goes normal from A machine and that's it, just that Nolan uses his famous technique of three events crosscut by the edition and it makes you confuse, but it doesn't have much joke.

Incipient, lifeless, empty, and lacking a clear narrative, it provides nothing but great action scenes (only one, when they hold their breath), but its characters are so transparent and emotionless that anyone could play its characters.