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18. Senior in high school, freshman in film. 


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  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    DiCaprio has never starred in a comic book movie or IP franchise. He’s picky with what projects he invests his time in; making one film a year when we’re lucky and one every three to five when we aren’t. In a business of sustainable relevancy and tooth-and-nail survivalism, DiCaprio has maintained an unparalleled level of supremacy of his own for over three decades now. He’s his own superhero and IP franchise, unbothered by any mortals standing in the way. 


  • Titanic



    I’ve clambered over the film’s equally-perfect and exciting halves and how they harmonize and work in tandem with each other before, but how about that ending? Just ridiculous. Every detail, minute and all, is given a payoff and every loophole or question is answered as satisfying as humanly possible. It’s a testament to Cameron’s control tonally (how he balanced and kept afloat a Hollywood, Romeo and Juliet-esque romance while also respecting the ship and the hundreds of doomed souls) that…

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