Parasite ★★★★

When opportunities arise, those who act on them quickly will benefit. When the lowly submit, the system continues. When a line is crossed however, more harsher lines are crossed to counterbalance the first. When the rains come, some will bask in its beauty, while others will drown in its horror. When the wealthy prosper, the poor flounder. When safety is in question, the endangerment of others is heightened. When people rise, others fall. And when those who have fallen extend a hand for help, they are crushed and ground further into the earth.

Many have written in-depth on the intricacies of Parasite, and one day, my name will be added to that list. This is a film that deserves such respect. For now though, I’m content to listen and observe. Better to contemplate the atrocity of our system than take up arms and act without reason.

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