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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow. I have a lot to say and a lot of feelings about this movie.
Loved the first Kingsmen and enjoyed the 2nd, and this one is quite the prequel. We have been waiting for a while for this movie to come out and honestly it was worth the wait. This series is opening up in ways I didn't expect, stark tonal shifts and great new casting choices (there's just so many English actors to pick from). I don't know where to start on this wild ride... Let us begin with the two movies that, when given the opportunity to make a forbidden love-child, would best encapsulate what this movie is: 1917 and Forrest Gump. Yep, you heard that right. Forrest Gump set in World War 1 except subtract the Republican leaning perspective and replace it with a "woke" historical fiction that pays credit where it should be due (such as suggesting that women cracked the Zimmerman code rather than the team of mathematical men (which I don't think is bad, it's better than the opposite)). This film connects the Kingman agency and the Villainous group (led by a Scottish man (we will get there...)) to almost ever historical highlight of that time period. I am a big fan of this historical fiction, it's creative, it's fun, it's a history lesson, woo hoo. The King's man, taking ownership of it's action packed, wild, and albeit cheesy style, very nearly crosses the line into poor tasting humor in it's dealings with war and death (in my opinion it crosses this line in the end credit scene hinting at a sequel with Lenin of the Russian Revolution and you fucking guessed it Adolf Fucking Hitler (YES THEY ARE DOING A CINEMATIC UNIVERSE OF HISTORICAL FICTION FEATURING HITLER THIS IS NOT A DRILL (or we shall see)). If they can pull off Hitler the way they pulled off Rasputin in this movie (Hell if they do it like the producers) I will be very excited to see the "prequel sequel" (wtf have movies come to...?) featuring Forrest Gump (played by Ralph Fiennes) jumping through World war 2 events, if it's ever made... as I said it has a very large possibility of being incredibly poor tasting humor given the cheesy playful style of this series and have a major villain character historical causing the holocaust. Back to the Scotts... I had heard that English and Scotts don't like each other, but the fucking Englishmen that made this movie suggest in this historical fiction that a Scottsman was pulling all the strings that started World War 1 and the eventual everything else... WTF. This was actually one of the only things keeping my feet on solid ground and reminding me that it's tongue and cheek. Another thing is the no man's land scene was awesome and a highlight for me until the end of the sequence (you'll know if you see it), like on par with a cinematic Call of Duty trailer and that's not a diss, I mean it. Suffice to say, I had an awesome time watching this movie. Like I was really excited for the "Prequel Sequel" (Ew) up until the end credit scene (of which I was surprised there was even an end credit scene) when I verbally said "If Hitler walks out I'm laughing and leaving" BE CAREFUL GOD HAS FUCKING EARS AND SO DO ENGLISHMEN APPARENTLY. please see this film.