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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Struggling to comprehend how this very small film about the very most literal and simplistic representation of death, the sheet ghost, manages to tell such a cosmic and monumental story about loss. A profoundly intimate film.

  • Burning



    This may have been well-constructed, nicely ambiguous, and pleasant to look at, but I thought we had moved past using women as Manic Pixie Dream Tools in this way, and also the main male character is a disgusting kisser. In this essay I will

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  • The Stanford Prison Experiment

    The Stanford Prison Experiment


    A confirmation of two terrifying hypotheses:

    1. Men in positions of power left unchecked will always abuse that power.

    2. Ezra Miller is still hot even with dirty fingernails.

  • Blindspotting



    This style of absurdist heavy-handed commentary filmmaking isn’t for me, but it’s pretty on the nose for what it is. Funniest parts were the lame ass gentrified house party playing Gnash, and the fact that he kept wearing shirts that said OAKLAND and people kept mentioning that they were in Oakland.

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  • Cats



    I would give anything to unsee James Corden licking milk out of a bowl, and every other terrifying second of this movie. Tom Hooper needs to be arrested.

  • 13th



    Incredibly powerful. Alarmingly resonant. Deeply informative. Please watch this.

    Black lives matter.