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  • The Unchanging Sea

    The Unchanging Sea

    The unchanging sea of cinema, defined by its changes. The ebbs and flows, the dynamic differences, but a continual history and more importantly a continual love of cinema. 

    The layering here is beautiful I wish I could see this on a big screen somehow.

  • The History of the Seattle Mariners

    The History of the Seattle Mariners

    Honestly so much to say but it would just be rambling nonsense. A great achievement.

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  • The Seventh Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    The Seventh Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    A masterpiece. Descends into the most terrifying spaces eclipsing even the Our Cinema Oscar Special. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    Still fucking tense as hell this go around. With family was fun, the ending destroyed my sister she was pissed. 

    Realize this time how utterly dark and nihilistic it is, but contrary to say Parasite’s nihilism it’s not about the whole system but really rooted in specificity and the bourgeois in general. Their lives, despite being filled with no labor, vast wealth, and large families are hollow affairs that can never be victorious. There’s a sympathy to it, a trickery…