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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Robert De Niro has never looked so good!

    Scorsese delivers an enticing film about Travis descending into madness in the midst of New York City in 1975. Travis is an interesting character that narrates exactly how he views New York to the audience and those around him. The viewer can see him slowly move more and more into insanity as he's trying to "save" those around him from becoming the same scum.

    It was quite the wild ride as he…

  • The Roommate

    The Roommate

    Wow. This was bad. 

    Super boring and super predictable. 
    Netflix, can you please step up your game?

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Every year, we see the movies that advertise 'Movie of the year!" and don't live up to that muster whatsoever. They fall flat. You give it the benefit of the doubt and go see it and it's just not what expected. That's definitely not the case with La La Land. Realistically, it very well could win the Oscar for best film this year. When I first saw the trailer, I was just in love with the concept and I was…

  • It



    Let me start off by saying that if you can't handle a horror movie, then why go to one? If you are legit screaming at every slight scare, why did you pay money to see this? All you're doing is ruining the experience for those around you. Not to mention being on your phone half the time? Seriously, stay home.


    I don't understand how anyone could dislike this film. I've seen a few reviews that said the remake was…