Anomalisa ★★★★½

If Synecdoche, New York was a big, long, expansive, epic literary work, Anomalisa is a beautiful short story. I left the theater wanting more. More wisdom from Kaufman. More scenes between Michael Stone and Lisa. More existential observations. But like the protagonist in this film, this may be more a problem for me, than for the world.

During a scene in the hotel bar, while Michael is reconnecting with a long since forgotten lover, we watch as she reacts, her eyebrows, her cheeks, her face move in such sensitive ways. To accomplish these feats of acting with computer assisted puppets was no small feat. The work of the stop-motion animators elevated Kaufman's writing.

Kaufman is happily writing and creating some of the most original work in mainstream Hollywood. He has cache with studios and movie makers to realize his visions, he has acclaim from critics, and he has the attention of a loyal audience who will show up to support his work. It's a great time to be a film fan.