Enemy ★★★

There are some interesting actor-director pairings in recent years that I've enjoyed. Fassbender+McQueen, Goslin+Winding Refn, DiCaprio+Scorcese, among many others. This pairing between Gyllenhaal and Villeneuve seems like a junior varsity version of that. So far at least. Both Enemy and Prisoners seemed like they were a draft of edits away from a tighter, more capturing film. Maybe they'll both stick at it and come out with better stuff in the near future.

I could've also done with some cinematographic and color diversity in this film. Maybe the whole thing was supposed to feel like one nightmare in one person's head, but it was too monotonic after a while.

Gyllenhaal put in a strong performance though. A character very dissimilar from his Nightcrawler character, but played with a similar level of depth.